Which Are The Best Street Food Items To Eat In Seoul?

One of the best parts about travelling is the food that you get to eat. When on a vacation, you would want to try and eat the famous staple dishes and local classics on food tour.

In food, the street is the true identity of any country. Seoul, the capital of South Korea is famous for its delicious street food and that’s why it calls for a good food tour.

When you are in Seoul, you must check out the below-listed street foods.

1. Odeng

These are very popular on the streets of Seoul. These are Korean fish cakes, which is a fish paste and seasoned with mild spices and mixes with starch, rice wine, and flour and then deep fried. It is served in many ways, such as deep fried or with warm broth. One of the best offerings of Seoul!

2. Dakkochi

This is the most basic form of Korean cuisine. Succulent grilled chicken skewers are found all around the world but what makes it stand out is the plethora of sauces which it is marinated in and then served with spicy Korean sauces. A true delicacy.

3. Gimbap

This is a sheet of seaweed filled with rice, a few pickles and spices, and egg slices and sprinkled with sesame seeds. These soft and moist rolls are so delicious that you will not know when to stop.

4. Twigim

These are different types of vegetables dipped in a thick batter and deep fried and served with Korean sauces. They are more or less like vegetable tempura and are a great snack for a stroll along the shopping streets.

5. Soondae

This is considered a delicacy and a favorite of many people. This is pork sausage mixed with Korean spices and glass noodles or sticky rice and then is either boiled or steamed. The casing is often of fish and even fresh or dry squids. It is served with pork innards or gochujang.

6. Pajeon

This is a unique version of Korean pancake and a full and filling meal. The best part about this dish is that it has a lot of scallions. Scallions are deep fried and then the batter is poured in the pan and more scallions are added and the pancake is flipped. The batter consists of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, and some spices. The pancake has various toppings such as beef, pork, fish and seafood. Seoul is proud of it.

7. Tteokbokki

A very famous Korean and Seoul street food. These are Korean spicy rice cakes which are boiled or steamed and are oblong, white and cylindrical in shape. They are served with boiled eggs, scallions and fish or pork cakes as well. They are covered in thick red and very spicy sauce. 

8. Tokkebi Hotdogs

Koreans love hotdogs and that is why they come up with unique versions of hotdogs. These are deep-fried hotdogs covered in French fry bits and some are even coated with ramen.

9. Jokbal

A Korean dish which consists of sliced pig trotters. They are braised in rice wine, soy sauce and other spices and many additional ingredients. It is garnished with lots of vegetables and people wrap it in a piece of lettuce and then eat. It is served in large quantity and is usually shared by people.

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